About Us

We are two independent researchers who as part of our work as Highland guides became interested in the question of the fate of the enslaved people Monroe sold to Joseph M. White, after his sale of the Highland plantation.  This interest quickly outgrew its initial parameters and now includes research into the entire African-American community of Casa Bianca.  Although the website is at present mostly genealogical information on Highland’s enslaved and their descendants, it is intentionally a work in progress, and as we develop more information on other families, it will be included.


The work of other researchers has been very important to us, and we would like to thank  Lori Kimball and Wynne Saffer for their database work and Lenora McQueen and  Sam Towler, who have also been working on the genealogies of the Highland-Casa Bianca families. And we very much would like to express our appreciation of the support and encouragement we have received for this project from Dr. Sara Bon-Harper, Executive Director of James Monroe’s Highland, and Nancy Stetz, Education Programs Manager. It has been essential to our effort.

Our research and this website are not affiliated with or supported by James Monroe’s Highland, or its owner the College of William and Mary.