Latest Database Update

An updated family tree has been added to the Genealogy section under the Families tab. The database now includes 369 individuals and 59 different surnames. We’ve also incorporated information detailing plantation documents, deeds, and other legal documents in which individuals are named.

2 thoughts on “Latest Database Update

  1. Where is the exact location of Casa Bianca Plantation in Jefferson county? We have 5 acres on Casa Bianca Road.

    1. Hi Deborah! The bulk 3,000 acres of Casa Bianca was located between the western edge of the town of Monticello, north of Waukeenah Highway, and south of Hwy 90. Casa Bianca Road went through the western section of the plantation. Consulting the Jefferson Co. GIS map, your property is located on former Casa Bianca Plantation lands, right on the southwestern edge of the property.

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