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  1. The founder and first pastor of Middle Oak Baptist Church was Rev. Harden Lewis. The year the church would have been established was 1879. The shingle that hangs in front of the church reads established 1891. 1891 however was the year the deed was recorded. The church deed recorded in 1891 was for a second parcel of land. It is mentioned in that deed that an earlier purchase of land was made by the same three trustees for the church about 12 years prior. Sarah Randolph was the seller of both parcels of land. Rev. Harden Lewis is named in the deed along with trustees J. R. Nightingale and Thornton Ferguson. (Albemarle County Deed Book 96, page 390)

    Harden Lewis is not known to be a descendant of any the former slaves of President James Monroe. He was directly connected to the Lewis family from that area. It has been passed down through the generations of Lewis descendants that Harden Lewis gave the ground that the Middle Oak Baptist Church was built on, and was it’s builder.

    Harden Lewis died in 1901. The second pastor of the church was Rev. John Lee Jones, sometimes called Rev. Lee Jones.

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